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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who
can never repay you.” 
 - John Bunyan

Our Mission

Our goal is to serve disadvantaged children and their families as well as our senior community throughout the year with an emphasis on the Holiday season through generous monetary and in-kind donations, corporate grants and numerous volunteers.   We are blessed to be able to provide clothing, shoes, outerwear, furniture, food, educational material, musical instruments, sporting equipment, art supplies, school supplies, toys, scooters, bicycles, laptops, computers, tablets, gift cards and financial assistance to those in need.    


Our Vision

That every child will know the magic of a Fourth Wish.


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Sue Khalatbari


"If your first 3 wishes do not come true, maybe your fourth wish will!"

After hearing stories about children and families battling economic hardships, especially during the holiday season, I knew I wanted to do something but did not know what. I reminisced about the wonderful memories of my own childhood, especially the Holiday celebrations, and knew I had always been blessed and had to pass along those blessings to others.

I could not fathom a child not having a simple wish granted, not having a traditional Holiday dinner, and not experiencing the joy of ripping open gifts they wished for and only dreamed of.   I could not imagine the elderly not experiencing the joy of knowing that someone cares for them and has them in their thoughts.  Everyone has a wish!  And I wanted to be able to fulfill those wishes.

Many years ago I enlisted my family and friends to volunteer at homeless shelters in the community, stock food pantries and just pay it forward.  I then decided I wanted to do more than volunteering to cook or serve and deliver food, so I began hosting holiday programs for underprivileged children, their siblings and families and providing a ‘magical’ holiday experience. I began with twenty children asking them what their wishes were and was able to grant every wish!  Last year in 2019 I was able to bring joy to more than 150 children and their families through the help of friends, family, personal donations, awesome volunteers and various sponsors.  I am continually expanding my initiative to serve the community throughout the year!

After working with various local charity organizations for many years, I decided it was time to fly.  In 2018 I applied for and was granted a 501(c) (3) non-profit status and The Fourth Wish Foundation was born.  I am happy to say 100% of every contribution is used to satisfy a need (or “wish”) of a person, family or group in our community. 

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